Technology & Technical has the skills and experience to manage and implement
in the following areas, working with clients’ in-house resources and other parties as appropriate:

Actuarial support
Business plans
Communications and copy creation for financial advisers and the consumer
Compliance support
Conduct risk governance
Customer journey mapping
Customer research design and management
Distribution design
FCA liaison
Financial adviser knowledge of how they work and introductions
Gate approval processes – management
Illustration and transfer systems design and specification
Introductions to relevant partners
Investment solutions and package design
Lens (Pension Freedoms) on existing projects and products
Marketing support
Media issues advice
Methodology for Pension Freedoms
MI measures production
Non-advised processes creation
Product – early-stage management and design
Project Management
Resource evaluation
Sales and advice processes
Social networking issues
Technical document creation
Technical product knowledge
Technology solutions advice
The list could go on but we’ve ended it at T..
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