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Kim North

Managing Director

Worked in UK financial services since 1981
Provided consultancy to over 100 financial services companies
Money marketing columnist
Created consultancy Pretty Technical Partnership
Founder of Pretty Financial a London City based IFA
Industry judge for Scottish Widows, Money Marketing, Gold standard awards
Has been consultancy head of compliance for 3 major companies
Likes: financial products and rules, netball, her two dogs
Dislikes: All forms of bigotry

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Blake Dempster
FIA– head of actuarial and strategy

Worked in UK financial services since 1985
Ex Mercer and Watson Wyatt
Joint founder of Dunnet Shaw consultancy CEO of PensionStore Advised several companies in the pension and annuity space
Focuses on how companies can adapt to benefit from pension freedoms
Likes: keeping fit, Rugby, Shakespeare, his cat and the Feynman lectures
Dislikes: The false prospectus of Young British Artists

Nigel Barlow
Technical Consultant

Worked in UK financial services since 1983.
For 20 years has been involved in retirement planning.
Has held senior positions with Just Retirement and Partnership
Advises on product development, customer journey, processes, and pension training
Member of the Advisory Board for the Society of Later Life Advisers
Likes: Motorbikes, Cycling
Dislikes: Packed tube trains in the summer, inconsiderate car drivers

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Nicola Mitchell
Head of PR and marketing

Managing Director of Mitchell Moneypenny
Nicola previously board sales and marketing director of Assureweb and The Exchange/
Moneyextra plc
Previously head of two London based financial PR agencies
She provides advice on e-­‐commerce business development, marketing, PR and research
Likes: Riding her motorbike across the Cotswolds and all things “techy”
Dislikes: reality star wannabe’s and girls with so much make-­‐up on they look like inflatable

Tech & Tech new website
Robert Reid
Distribution and technical consultant

Chartered and Certified IFA
Scottish Widows life time achievement award winner
Vice President of the Chartered Insurance Institute
Chartered Insurance Institute Bridgewater award winner
Likes: golf, Canada and watching Partick Thistle when he can
Dislikes: parents who treat their children badly and people with conspiracy

There are many specialists Tech &Tech have access to who can work with
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